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Silver Salmon Fishing begins in August and we fish for them all the way to the end of October. The Kasilof River and Kenai River are home to very strong runs of Silver Salmon where catching your limit is common. Fish typically average 9-15 lbs with some monsters weighing in at 20-25 lbs caught each year. These are feisty fish known for their jumps and long runs that peel line from the reel. 

Beauty Silver.jpg

Testimonial: "Booking was easy and very flexible. Felix has more knowledge than any river guide I have ever met. His boat and gear is all top of the line. He knows all of the best holes! While other groups were struggling to get any silvers, we were rowing in with both of our limits. Also forgot to mention that all of this was in late September. One of the greatest fishing experiences ever. I will definitely be back every year. I would recommend this charter to anyone!"

Kortney - Anchorage AK

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